Maintenance of process and electric equipment at power generating facilities
Development of engineering and design documentation
Maintenance of boiler and generating equipment of thermal power plants
Electric installation and commissioning works
Comprehensive procurement of equipment and materials
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Specialists of EUM participate in development and implementation of comprehensive projects in update, reconstruction and new construction of boiler and generating power equipment.

Boiler equipment:

  • dismantling, installation and maintenance of boiler drums
  • maintenance and replacement of boiler heating surfaces, including gas-tight ones
  • replacement of pipelines within boiler area
  • replacement and maintenance of burners
  • replacement and maintenance of draft systems
  • maintenance, update and replacement of air heaters
  • maintenance of mill systems
  • replacement of expansion loops and gas ducts
  • installation and maintenance of pressure vessels
  • installation of low and medium pressure gas pipelines.

Maintenance of turbines, pumps and heat exchangers at thermal power plants

  • overhaul and commissioning of turbine automatic control systems at thermal power plants
  • installation, reconstruction and commissioning of turbine-driven sets and auxiliary equipment
  • standard and specialized maintenance of steam and driving turbines
  • maintenance and commissioning of pumps
  • comprehensive procurement of components and spare parts to thermal and mechanical equipment.

Gas treatment equipment 

EUM closely cooperates with companies having prolonged experience in removal of ash, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides from flue gas.